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Tea Towels & Tea Towel Fabric

Tea Towels and Tea Towel Fabric
Ladies, Hubco’s tea towels are popular in Kansas and throughout these great United States. Tea towels are used as dish towels. Tea towel fabric can be used for quilts, table napkins, and sew-your-own dish towels. Some sources consider the tea towel to be above the dish towel and will only use tea towels on their finest glassware and cutlery. Tea towels are also used on tea trays and to cover scones and pastry.

Bleached White Tea Towels
Two towel sizes are available:
30-inch x 36-inch and 36-inch x 36-inch
Both come with raw edges hemmed. The fabric is 100% cotton and made with 20's yarns 60 x 60 thread count. We sell in minimum quantities of 100.

Tea Towel Fabric – 100% cotton
Two roll sizes are available:
36-inch - 100 yard bleached cotton rolls
40-inch - 100 yard unbleached cotton rolls

Tea Towels

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Ladies, send us a .jpeg of how you used our tea towels and/or tea towel fabric and we’ll post it on this page. Please include your name and city/state.

Tea towels and Fabric at Hubco