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Hubco is a manufacturer and printer of cloth, woven and non-woven packaging.  this is a photo of some of the bags Hubco makes.

Hubco manufactures and prints cloth, woven and non-woven bag textile packaging for a wide range of industries such as oil, gold, mining, flour, seed, agriculture feed, popcorn, coffee, peanuts, rice, ham, bologna, sausage, smoked meats, dry pancake and scone mixes, cathodic protection bags, and geological sampling.

For retail packaging, first impressions count. The right textile bag entices the eye, piques curiosity, tells a story, and generates a sale. Better yet, textile bags that can be reused and recycled are a perk for the environment and possibly a future collectible.

Hubco textile bags are one of the last of the made in the USA textile packaging manufacturers. At Hubco bag, we combine good old Heartland customer service with a knowledgeable and experienced staff in order to provide you with the optimum experience of satisfaction and the very best textile bag for your brand and your needs.
Hubco, formerly Hutchinson Bag Company, has been in the textile bag business for 90 years. The Hubco brand is synonymous with high quality bags and incomparable customer service.

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